Self Portrait and Poetry

Self Portrait and Poetry

My series of Self Portraits is all about self discovery and self development in harmony with nature’s flow and the deep connection I hold with nature captured in the form of powerful images.

The poetry combined with each photo deepens the understanding that in the end everything is divinely connected, our being in human form, nature, god our father, earth our mother and bringing down the invisible which is the divine nature of everything into the physical world of our senses and bodies.

Photography is more to me than just a technical understanding and the combination of light, shadows and colours. It’s using the materials given to me in physical form to express my inner being to the world.

It’s not about perfection, but the bravery to create instead of consume and step into the unknown, the joy of creation and the freedom of integrating both shadow and light.

True Self
True Self
Dawn of the Day

Dawn of the Day

In the dawn of the day
When everything seems frail
I feel like I lost my base
And I can’t see my trail
But in the depths of the fog
In the darkest before dawn
A sign of hope appears
Like a glimpse almost gone
It is braving the dark
All on its own
Shining its light
Through the unknown
And as if it is calling for help
The sun rises up
Its rays on the ground
Revealing all beauty around
The air fresh and crisp
Still in scent of the night
Brings life to my lungs
Ending all the despite
So I sit here with grace
After all I’ve been through
My heart full of light
With no sorrow in sight
The pain is my soil
The darkness my friend
I’ll be here awaiting
When the day comes to end

Fairy of the lake

Fairy of the Lake

Life may not be easy all the time, but I find much happiness in appreciation of the small things and moments.
From a beautiful sunset to waking up to the sound of the birds in the morning to a good cup of hot chocolate at night while enjoying the moon from my balcony.
It doesn’t always have to be something ‘big’ happening all the time, often it’s more about being grateful for what you have right in front of you.

Forest Entrance

There lies a whole world
Yet to be discovered
Forgotten by the most of us
And still engraved in all of us
You cannot meet it with the eye
It is not something visible
Going beyond what’s known to you
You’ll find it above the physical
Don’t try to understand this now
The mind won’t get it anyway
Your heart though knew it all along
The truth inherent to your stay
Deep into the forest we go
So deep that you might be losing yourself
Just to find out you were lost all along
Always striving to be somewhere else
This path that you’re on
Is a choice that you’ve made
The power is yours
To get out of the shades
The things we hold on to
Are not ours to keep
Dare to let go
And find the guidance you seek
In the wisdom, the peace
In compassion and love
Which reside in your heart
So you may rise high above

Forest Entrance

Autumn (Leaves are falling)

What’s to die will die
Now, soon or later
What’s to stay
Will stay forever
Leaves are falling
Soft and gently
To make room
For new beginnings
Love and trust
Will help you through it
All the seasons
All the changes
When the winter
Leaves it dying
Spring will come
To bring new life in
The way is always changing
Don’t hold on
To old and lost
Be brave to
Step further forward
And let go
Of what’s not yours
The flow
Will keep you running
The river
Oh so strong
Not meant to stay forever
In the fountain
Once was born
The water can be wild
And also soft and still
No matter where it’s flowing
It will always stay its way

Autumn (Leaves are falling)
Rebirth II
Rebirth III


After years
A lifetime even
Of resentment
Self hate
And self doubt
I now choose to rise
Out of the ashes
Of my old self
She has served me
Long enough
So I can now
Let her go
And step into
My full power
My heart is filled
With love and joy
My mind is supporting me
On my soul’s path
My body is my ancor
There to stabilize me
Stay grounded
Still I’m free
I feel open
And wide
Supported by
My loved ones
And the universe at large
I break free
From old conditionings
To find a new path
With gratitude
I release
The past
With humility
I enjoy
The present moment
With excitement
I welcome
The future
As it comes
That’s meant for me
Is coming to me
Easily and freely
Without pushing
I’m flowing
And time
Born new
Every day
Born new
With strength
And vulnerability
I accept my rebirth
Which only comes with death
As one cycle closes
Another one begins
My truth
My journey
My purpose
My love
My core
And essence

Anecdotes of a Woman
Anecdotes of a Woman
Anecdotes of a Woman II
Anecdotes of a Woman II
Can you still remember?
Can you still remember? II
Can you still remember? III
Can you still remember? IV
Can you still remember? V
Can you still remember?
Dear Child
Dear Child II
Dear Child III

Dear Child

Dear Child
Where have you been
You’ve been hiding away
In the dark
Or nowhere
I can’t find you
Where are you
I’ve been looking for you
All this time
Felt so lonely
In despair
Without you
How can I feel whole
Without you
There’s no hope here
No reason
To be alive
Without you
I can’t feel myself
My life is empty
Without you
So please come back
I miss you
The play
And the sunshine
The lightness
And brightness
The days of spring
Fresh air and aliveness
Come back to me
Into my arms of
Safety and protection
I’m here for you
Forever and always
I won’t leave you
I promise
Forever by your side
I walk alongside you
Until the world comes to end
My little Me
I’m here for you
Trust me
When I say
I love you
And wholeheartedly
With all the love
Within my heart
With all my soul
And all I am

Through the Mud
Through the Mud II

Through the Mud

Through the Mud
I’m crawling
Through the Mud
I’m finding back
To my origin
My true self
And my true purpose
Through the Mud
I’m raging
Through the Mud
I’m finding back
To my own power
My true healing
And my emotions
Through the Mud
I’m crying
Through the Mud
I’m coming back
To my inner wounding
My trust
And vulnerability
Through the Mud
I’m giving
Through the Mud
I’m receiving
Through the Mud
I’m coming back
To myself
Where everything’s allowed to be
No suppression
No denial
Everything that makes me whole
Everything that makes me unique
I’m able to give back
To our mother
And all living beings
Alive on this planet
There is no me
Without a you
There is no life
Without the earth
So what will you do
To give back to her as well?

Mermaid II
Mermaid III
Mermaid IV
Mermaid V
Mermaid V
Fountain of Life
Fountain of Life III
Fountain of Life II
Fountain of Life IV

Fountain of Life

The fountain of life
Is you
Whenever you need
To nurture yourself
To keep yourself flowing
To tap into your own wisdom
Your inner guidance
Which is never leaving you
Even though you
Might feel ashamed
Full of fear
And grief
You have the power
To choose love
And compassion
Over fear and judgement
Forgiveness over resentment
No matter how often
You fall
If you keep standing up
You become stronger
And wiser each time
Have faith
Have trust
In yourself
In life
In God
In source
In the fountain of life
From which you have sprung
A small river beside
Millions of other rivers and streams
Still unique in its path and
Forever connected to its source
Rise up
From the illusions
That keep you stuck
From flowing
Freely and easily
Your path may seem
Unclear and foggy
But keep trusting
The sacredness
Of the unknown
Let yourself fall
Into the spiral dance
Of creation
And your own purpose
Will reveal itself
Without forcing
Without effort
Just dance
With the sound of the wind
The rivers and
The earth
Then you will find yourself
In each and every leaf
In every flower
Every butterfly
And sun ray
Without knowing
What’s next
You’ll be free
The fountain of life
Is within you
And around you
It’s everywhere
Can you feel it?

Ocean Goddess
Ocean Goddess II
Ocean Goddess III
Ocean Goddess III

The Goddess

Have you seen here
Felt here
Cared for here?
Did she share her wisdom
With you
Did you hear her?
Listened to her?
Understood her?
Her heart were longing
For your comfort
Your compassion
Your safety
She’s been singing
On her own
On her own
Creating on her own
Still she longs to be seen
Longs to be heard
Longs to be understood
She’s a woman
Her feminine nature
Wants to soften
And relax
To trust
And surrender
So she needs the warmth
And depth
Of the world
Around her
To feel safe
To let go
To flow
And to grow
To become the Goddess
She has always been

The Goddess
Compassion II
Compassion III
Compassion III
Foggy Morning
Foggy Morning