Emotional Resilience

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Emotional Resilience

Sometimes life goes so fast, that we hardly get behind.

We feel like a leave in the winds of time and space – being pushed and pulled around and we don’t know how to handle it.

This is the modern society we have created for ourselves. The fassade is growth and wealth, but what is left behind is our wellbeing and health.

Your emotions are your connection to the world we live in as human beings.

When life is running too fast and you forget to process your emotions, you are very likely to lock them into your system. They get stuck and cause all kinds of symptoms like disomnia, eating disorders, dissociation, stress, organ dysfunctions and much more.

The more you deny your emotions the more you feel like you are being lived instead of living life on your own terms.

It feels like others are taking decisions for you and the rabbit hole goes deeper and deeper…

If you are ready to let go of these past, oftentimes painful, experiences like:

  • Emotional rejection
  • Heartbreak
  • Emotional and/or physical abuse

I warmheartedly invite you to join my Emotional Resilience Session, in which you will be able to find relief through accepting and letting go what doesn’t serve you anymore in this moment, right HERE and NOW.

If you are done with feeling small, never GOOD ENOUGH and like the victim of your own life experience, this Session is for you.

I feel you, I hear you and I seek to understand you.

That’s why every session is unique and especially designed for YOU.

As a highly sensitive person I have the ability to sense your emotions in a way that is very beneficial for you.
Because I can hold the space for you and together we find a way to release everything that is causing you pain and is getting in the way of you fulfilling your dreams and your purpose here in this life.

Do you want to reach a new level of:

  • self acceptance
  • self love
  • vitality
  • ease

and an immense flow of creative energy in your life?

Join me for this special session.

You can book it together with my Goddess Shooting or simply on its own.

Just write me a message through the contact form.

I’m looking forward to connect with you!

With love as always,


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