Do you know this feeling of never being good enough, no matter how much you do, how much you are trying to hold onto external beauty standards and how much you are giving to others?

Are you tired of people pleasing, giving too much of your precious energy away and feeling drained at the end of the day?

Then my Goddess Shooting could help you to connect deeper with your own body in order to gain more self worth and self confidence, so you can walk through life with stability and ease.

As a sexual assault survivor myself I know this feeling too well. The feeling of being unsafe, unworthy, the shame that has been put on our bodies, on our sexuality.

Our sexuality is the greatest source of our power, so when we miss out on strengthening the relationship with our sacred bodies, especially our womb, we miss out on a great part of our lives.

Your body holds all the wisdom you need to find safety and stability in this world.

From an early age we have been trained to believe all the thoughts running through our head the whole day, we have learned to only act from a rational understanding and too often this leads us to saying ‚Yes‘ when we mean ‚No‘.


Because in the first moment it can feel dangerous to admit to your emotions when you don’t know how to handle them yet.

Especially when you got to experience painful abuse or encroachments it can be very hard to find trust in your body and your emotions again – at first.

It’s the path to self empowerment and you don’t have to walk this path alone.

As a photographer I’ll be by your side through the whole process and I will guide you through the photo shoot.

Besides the photos that we will take this will be an experience for you like no other.

We will find your deepest longing, your deepest intention with the photos which will bring out the absolute best in you.

As I love to work very intuitively we will first meet up in person to discuss your needs and desires in order to find the perfect match between your expectations and my offer to you.

My greatest wish is to empower you on your authentic journey to show you how beautiful and strong you are – exactly in this moment! You don’t need any approval from the outside to know your worth.

You just need to remember who you truly are.

A Goddess, whole and pure, raw and wild, soft and gentle.

The Goddess Shooting is your personal opportunity to connect deeper with yourself as well as to form and strengthen a long-lasting healthy relationship with your body and your emotions.

Nothing about your essence was ever wrong, is wrong or ever will be wrong.

I want to bring out the best in you to support you and remind you of your ever-lasting worth and power.

If any emotions come up through the shoot, we will welcome them with open arms and you can release anything that does not belong to you!

In the end the final photos can serve you as a constant reminder of how you felt when you were in your whole power. So that every time you fall back into an older version of you that feels small and unworthy of love, you can anchor the feeling of stability and wholeness within yourself again.

Remember who you were before you formed unhealthy coping mechanims to fit into a world where you feel like constantly running after love and approval, but where you never feel like finding satisfaction in this never-ending search.

You will only stop searching in the outside, when you find love and approval within yourself.

So that you start shining from inside to outside and your outer beauty becomes merely a reflection of your inner beauty.

I offer 3 different bundles, that you can choose from.

Each one is unique and the more time we get to spend together the deeper we can dive into your process (as far as you feel comfortable, besides the necessary pushes out of your comfort zone you’ll get from me 😉 ).

If you have special ideas and wishes, feel free to contact me – so we can form the perfect version of the photo shoot for you.

This is your experience to grow into a new, shining version of yourself!

Are you ready?

Choose one of the bundles below:

  1. The Lily Goddess:
    • 1h Photo Shoot
    • 6 lightly-edited digital photos
    • 1 in depth edited digital photo
    • 1 high-resolution Photo Print for free
    • Price: 375€
  1. The Rose Goddess:
    • 2h Photo Shoot
    • 12 lightly-edited digital photos
    • 3 in depth edited digital photos
    • 2 high-resolution Photo Prints for free
    • Price: 775€
  1. The Lotus Goddess:
    • 3h Photo Shoot
    • 24 lightly-edited digital photos
    • 6 in depth edited digital photos
    • 3 high-resolution Photo Prints for free
    • Price: 1425€

The location of the shoot will depend on where you live, as I’m flexible to also come to your hometown. So we might find a place that you feel a strong connection to. This will improve your general wellbeing and of course the photos will look much better!

I prefer to shoot in nature, but I’m open to different suggestions, if you have some. Just tell me about your preferences and we will find a solution together.

We will discuss everything in more detail when we meet personally.

If you are not sure yet, if the Goddess Shooting is something for you, you can book a 20min Testshoot with me. You‘ll get 3 lightly-edited digital photos and a discount on one of the bundles, if you decide to walk even further with me.

The Price of the Testshoot is 90€ in total.

And as I put high value in the importance of support and empowerment on our individual and collective healing journeys I will donate 5% of my income from the Goddess Shootings to the first institution that supported me on my trauma healing journey.

Traumaambulanz Berlin – Alexianer Berlin-Hedwigkliniken (

If you want to book one of the Goddess Shooting Bundles, a Testshoot or you have any further questions, simply write me a message through the contact form.

I’m so much looking forward to hearing from you and cannot wait to receive your message!

With much love,


These are some of the photos I took of the beautiful Farina.

The shooting with her was all about capturing her raw and authentic self in the moment and it was wonderful to witness her growing into the poses as we proceeded with the photo shoot.

I never force anything to happen, but I will always give my best to bring out your most empowered and beautiful self to the surface and oftentimes it means going beyond your comfort zone.

With Farina it was such a nice and easy flow and we both enjoyed it a lot.

Farina II
Farina III
Farina IV

Read below, what Farina says about her experience with the Goddess Shooting:

‚I am so thankful for the Goddess Shooting!

I was sceptical at first: Me at a photo shoot? This is only for other, beautiful women!

Freya proved to me that this is not true. That beauty lies in every human being.

And that the question is, if you admit to your own beauty or not.

If you allow yourself to show your beauty and celebrate it.

Freya took away all my nervosity step by step with her empathetic character and good guidance.

I began (unusually) to have a lot of fun being in front of the camera.

The final photos are beautiful!

This experience changed me sustainably.

I meet myself with more love and walk through my every day life with more self-confidence.

I admit to my beauty and therefore discover new facets of myself over and over again.

For this experience I want to thank Freya a lot and recommend the photo shoot from the bottom of my heart!‘

Thank you to Isabella for the wonderful Photo Shoot.

Find below the end results of our Goddess Shooting.

I love how every woman I photograph has a different energy and intention, different emotions and topics that move her in her present life.

I’m here to support you on your way, no matter what you need right now – might it be grounding, playfulness, lightness or the allowing of your grief and anger.

We will find a way to capture your raw, authentic self to empower you on your journey.

Goddess Isi III
Goddess Isi
Goddess Isi III

Read below what Isabella says about her experience with the Goddess Shooting:

The Goddess Shooting with Freya was such a beautiful and empowering experience. I felt very comfortable to express my inner Goddess with sensuality.

Just with her presence Freya supported my female empowerment in front of a camera, what is actually a very sensitive topic for me.

The pictures give me a feeling of coming home and deep grounding.

I had the chance to explore myself in a different way.

Thank you for the special pictures.