Acollection of my drawings inspired by nature – as always – with a special meaning and energy behind each piece.

I’m proud to present to you my way to combine spirituality and art.


Tree of Ascension

The Tree of Ascension is the bridge between earth and sky.

He is able to channel all energies between the physical and the non-physical world.

Thus the Tree of Ascension helps you to become a channel yourself. He connects all levels of your consciousness – including your physical body – with the earth and the cosm, so you will not only start to feel lighter and more connected with yourself and everything around you, but you will also become a channel for whatever you want to express into this world.


The Spiral is the ultimate symbol for infinity and is found in several smaller and bigger manifestations and phenomenas in nature like shells, fern, hurricanes and the tail of a chameleon.

It can help you come back to your own wholeness and infinity by spiraling back to your inner core and thus finding your true essence and nature.



The Lotus is the symbol for spirituality in the East and stands for growth and blossom, but also for fragility and transience.

This flower can help you flourish and blossom from the inside to outside in order to create the life that you want to live and everything you need to feel loved, guided and protected in the best way possible.

Goddess Rose

The Goddess Rose is the symbol for feminity itself, as I have put all my feminine energy into creating it.

There is nothing that the Goddess Rose can not heal.

All the trauma and pain that has been passed onto us as women transcends when being in touch with the Goddess Rose and thus with your own feminine core (no matter if you are a man or a woman).

May it bring you back to the wisdom of your womb and let this energy speak much louder than the often too critical voices in your head.

Let it flow.


Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang is one of the most popular spiritual symbols and often only comes in the colours black and white.

I decided to draw it super colourful to make it more lively and energizing.

It shall bring you back into balance with your inner feminine and masculine energies, so they can circulate freely within your body to create a perfect sacred union. So that you can find balance and harmony within yourself and also in your outer world.