For me Art is everything.

I see art in my morning coffee and in the way the trees are moving in the wind in front of my bedroom window.

I see art in the morning sun and in the sun setting between the trees of the forest in the evening.

I see art in the way the stars twinkle in the night sky.

I see art in my bare feet running through the sand at the ocean.

I see art in the waves moving against the shore.

I see art in driving my car while listening to music, in the laughter of a friend, in the way the girls riding their inline skates smile at me while I’m longboarding around the neighbourhood.

Art is about a way to live your life. It’s about seeing beauty in everything you encounter throughout your day. Nothing that happens does so by coincidence. Everything has a deeper meaning behind it. And sometimes no meaning is all the meaning it needs.

Life becomes one gigantic symphony once you invite Art into your life.

My expression of creativity manifests itself in drawings, photos and videos.

They are my invitation to you to witness these moments with joy and gratitude.

Because life can easily become flat and superficial, when we forget to remember to stay present with ourselves and our surroundings. When we are running too fast to catch some distant goal in the future, but forget the true essence of who we are.

Everlasting, unlimited and infinte consciousness.

Never separate from anything in the universe, but always connected and always fulfilled.

Our wholeness lies in healing the traumas passed on to us by the generations that came before us and the traumas we experience in our lifetime.

My art is all about healing by connecting back to nature.

If anything I create speaks to you in some way, you’ll get a glimpse of the energy I put in every piece of it.

My dream is to contribute to the healing and unification of this world.

By supporting me you are supporting this dream.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.