Self Portrait

Freya Veris means Freya of the spring. Freya is also the nordic goddess of love, fertility, wealth and war.

Photographer, Artist, Poet. Everything I do is inspired by nature, my own healing path and the desire to explore myself, others and the world through the lens of creativity and joy.

I believe in the truth of oneness and that we all have the power to create the life we deserve, if we are willing to step into the space of bravery and seek the unknown.

Most of us are afraid of their own darkness, we prefer to stay „safe“ by sticking to societal rules and following the masculine paradigm.

As a female artist I am here to break these rules. I’m not here to offer any self help tools. But every piece of my art has a special energy which you will be able to receive, if your mind and heart are open.

I’m forever changing and growing, and so is my art.

My dream is to inspire you with my work and help you discover your true nature which is raw and wild within. While allowing this untamed spirit within you to run freely and easily you will find your home and destiny.

Nothing is more powerful than love, affection, connection and healing.

Thank you for walking this path with me and contributing to my dream.

Self Portrait III